10 mai 2009

Bad for Love

I may not be a bad girl
And you may not be the bad guy,
But with your bad timing and my bad luck
Nothing good could ever come out!

I am a bad choice for you,
You're a bad investment too,
Bad business, don't you think?
Clearly, you and me are a bad thing!

You have a very bad influence on me,
But I have my own bad reputation to keep, you see?
So let us be each other's bad memory,
The good characters in our bad love story!

I'm a bad dream you can't awake from,
You're a bad habit I can't seem to kick
But if it weren't for your bad jokes and my bad mood,
We wouldn't have to say goodbye for good!

We are going in a bad direction,
Correction, directions!
And if you think that's all the bad news,
Well, we've used up all the possible bad moves!

I wonder, with such a bad start,
What would have stopped us from falling apart?
With all these bad signs it's understood,
This idea couldn't have gone from bad to good!

Then again, maybe I'm having a bad day
Or maybe I'm just in a bad shape today;
Ask me again tomorrow and I'll say
All these bad feelings had gone away!...

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