15 mai 2009

Enjoy the Silence! (for now)

"Hello. Don't feel sad. Just hang on and Suffer well. Cause big girls don't cry! They just pray to their very own Personal Jesus so that the show gets rescheduled and not cancelled. You know what they say, even the stars look brighter tonight, Nothing's impossible!!! So let's Dream on, dream on...that Dave will Never let us down! And if he's gonna prove us Wrong, he & the band will always have our Freelove, right? We will always have Depeche!"

< Un sms trimis ieri. Pentru A. si S.
Chiar daca "words are meaningless and forgetable", m-am gandit sa postez si aici cele cateva randuri si pentru ceilalti cativa oameni cu care impartim amintirea unei zile lungi si frumoase de 23 iunie 2006! :) >

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